Here you will find some of Mabel's finishing ideas as well as fellow-stitchers' projects.
Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version of the image. Click on the name of a design in the caption to go to that design's page.

For more stitchers' projects, have a look at the 2013 SAL gallery (Song of the Weather), the 2016 SAL gallery (Round in Circles) and the 2020 SAL Gallery (Tree of Life)

Finishing ideas

So when you've stitched one of Mabel's designs, how do you finish it? Some of the designs come with finishing instructions, like the Guildhouse Needlebook and the Faith Hope & Love bookmark – and here are some pictures to give you a few ideas for other designs too.

Stitchers' Gallery

Have you stitched one of Mabel's fancies? Then why not show it off here! We'd love to see your work, whether in progress, finished, or framed. a picture, and let us know whether you would like your name mentioned; and if you've made changes, or used special materials, we'd be very interested to know the details.

It's inspiring to know that several of the pieces below were people's first ever go at Hardanger, Shisha or goldwork – great work everyone!