Other designs

Here you will find Mabel's designs in techniques other than Hardanger. They have been divided into Counted Embroidery and Freestyle Embroidery

Counted embroidery, also known as counted-thread embroidery, covers all types of needlework in which the stitcher counts fabric threads in order to place the stitches. It includes cross stitch, blackwork, tapestry, Assisi, Florentine work and many more. These techniques are generally worked on evenweave fabric (e.g. linen, Lugana or Aida) or canvas with clearly defined holes. Counted designs are usually worked from a chart.

In freestyle embroidery, also known as free or surface embroidery, the design is generally transferred onto a solid fabric such as silk or a high-count plainweave or evenweave, and the stitches are worked based on the transfer (covering lines, filling shapes, etc.) The transfer may be very detailed or show only the main lines of the design. There is usually a diagram of the design indicating which stitches are to be used where.

Please note that our chart packs are digital and will be emailed to you in PDF format. Click here for some practical points about chart packs, materials etc. before you start browsing.

Counted Embroidery

Counted Embroidery

Cross stitch, blackwork, Assisi

Surface Embroidery

Freestyle Embroidery

Shisha, surface embroidery