Floral Lace 1: Rose & Chicory
Floral Lace 2: Tulip & Pansy
Floral Lace 3: Forget-Me-Not & Poinsettia
Floral Lace 4: Clematis & Anemone
Floral Lace 5: Crocus & Fuchsia
Floral Lace 6: Sunflower & Harebell
Floral Lace 7: Periwinkle & Daffodil
Floral Lace 8: Pimpernel & Grape Hyacinth
Floral Lace 9: Thistle & Holly
Floral Lace 10: Poppy & Rosemary

Floral Lace – 82w x 82h

A flurry of flowers (and a few berries): twenty floral designs with elegant little cross stitch motifs, whitework that can be pulled for an airy effect, minimal cutting, a wide range of different bars and filling stitches, and a bit of sparkle provided by metallic thread and beads. An alternative to the four-sided stitch diamond is included as a bonus.

Colours are suggested, but in many cases variations are possible – the stylised chicory flowers, stitched in different shades, could double as daisies, asters or gerberas; the fuchsias can be worked in the colour combination of your favourite variety; and for the roses, tulips, anemones and crocuses there are many colours to play with. You could also try varying the colours of the beads to match the flowers, or for a more traditional effect keep everything but the cross stitch motifs in white.

And of course you can mix & match the various elements to your liking; Fuchsia's cross stitch motifs with the beading from Anemone and the bars and filling stitch used in Forget-Me-Not, with four-sided stitch or the alternative eyelets, the choice is yours.

Each design needs only small amounts of coloured stranded cotton (for which you could use odds and ends from your stash), and apart from this the whole set of 20 can be stitched using 1 skein of perle #5, 1 ball of perle #8 and 1 skein of stranded cotton in White; 2 cards of Petite Treasure Braid (1 if you're a very economical stitcher); and 1 Economy pack of Mill Hill beads. Stitched on 25ct Lugana the designs fit Craft Creation's large square aperture cards.

The designs are also available as 10 sets of two.

Special materials: Petite Treasure Braid, Mill Hill beads.

Please note that our chart packs are digital and will be emailed to you in PDF format.


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