A needlework shop – with a tea room!

You may have noticed that Mabel’s Fancies has been closed quite a lot recently, and is closed again this week. This is partly due to family circumstances, partly business (the vintage cars, not Mabel), and partly the fact that my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last week by going on a second honeymoon in the Peak District. We had a lovely, relaxing time driving and walking around beautiful countryside and visiting Haddon Hall and Chatsworth, and while at our cottage the absence of our usual feline was made up for by these friendly visitors.

Relaxing at Chatsworth Visiting chickens

Whenever I’m on holiday, I always try to find a local needlework shop. Very often, alas, there isn’t one, even if research beforehand suggests that there should be – remember the one I was hoping to visit in Edinburgh, which turned out to have closed about four months earlier? This time I didn’t do a lot of research; I found out some time ago that Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell had closed (or rather, it’s been taken over and moved) and didn’t look any further. Then, one day, we needed petrol. And as we went on a little detour to get it, I noticed a shop called White Peak Embroidery. A needlework shop!

Later that day we met up with local friends and while the husbands talked cars, Mary and I talked countryside, walks, and of course Needlework Shops. Did she know White Peak Embroidery? Yes she did and it was a lovely shop, with a tea room, and besides embroidery supplies they did quite a lot of knitting yarn as well. I wasn’t too interested in the knitting yarn, but the tea room certainly sounded interesting smiley.

A few days later we visited the shop, and I can’t praise it highly enough. Not only for the wide range of beautiful threads, fabrics, buttons, books and kits, and the lovely stitched models on display, but for the friendly welcome and knowledgeable service – this is the sort of needlework shop where you could easily spend most of the day, stopping only for a light lunch and afternoon tea at the attached Grace’s Tea Room (which also houses the knitting supplies). I took a few pictures but they really don’t do the shop justice, so do visit their website for a closer look or better still, visit them in person!



White Peak Embroidery The tea room at White Peak Embroidery Fabrics and threads Threads, ribbons and tools Speciality threads and kits

Of course I couldn’t leave without getting a few bits and bobs. The haul is two silk perles by Rainbow Gallery – these are Elegance, their #8 perle – and some silk ribbon which I think is YLI but I forgot to make a note so I don’t know the colour numbers. I may have to go back just to check…

Silk perles and ribbons from White Peak Embroidery