Had a very enjoyable Christmas lunch with our stitching group this afternoon, and yes, I did have 12 stitched cards with me smiley. Of necessity the stitched part was rather small, but I hope the ladies realised they weren’t any the less well-meant for that.

Rummaging through my designs I decided that even my little stand-by motif was going to take too long to stitch – I can stitch it by heart, but it involves cutting and bar-wrapping which eat up time. Obviously, something non-cut was called for, like the little freebie star I did some time ago. But no beads. Too time-consuming. Perhaps a surface square filet? But that needed a bit more space in the centre, so I shortened the inward-pointing bits to open it up. I played around a bit with the inner corners, trying them both square and rounded; I think I prefer the latter as it joins the sides together a little more. And here they are: twelve little stars, all in different colours, and thesecond picture shows them on their cards.

Motifs for stitching group Christmas cards Stitching group Christmas cards finished

And for those of you who have some last-minute Christmas stitching to do, and who like this alternative version of the non-cut mini star, here is the chart. Get out your odds and ends of pretty threads to play with and enjoy!

Chart for the non-cut star motif