Happy Easter

This Easter I would like to share with you the story behind my Hardanger dragonfly, and why it is called Resurrection:

In a pond there live little underwater creatures who are very sad whenever one of them climbs a stalk up to the surface, because they know it is the end and they will never see him again. One little creature decides to climb up himself, look around, and come back to tell everyone what happens when you get there. But when he gets to the surface he falls asleep, and wakes up to find himself the beautiful dragonfly he was always meant to be. Full of joy he wants to rush back to tell his friends not to fear or grieve about the journey to the surface, but his new dragonfly body can’t go down into the water. One day, though, they will join him and know for themselves the joy of this new life.

An Easter blessing

2 comments on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours also Mabel. That’s a lovely story. The December design in the Song of the Weather Sal also had a lovely dragonfly theme which I have stitched quite a few times for greeting cards.

  2. Dragonflies do make a lovely motif, don’t they, and I loved the symbolism behind this story when I first heard it, which has added to my appreciation of them. In a little wood nearby there is a pond which is buzzing with dragonflies when it is thst time of year, small ones shimmering blue-green or a bright fiery orange red, and those really big ones like mini helicopters – I love watching them.

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