A mysterious scribble

In a folder with some old sketches (the same one in which I found the Beginner’s Butterfly, in fact) I came across a quarter of an old letter, on the back of which was an intriguing doodle and the words “shuttle stitch?”. It was obviously an idea for a stitch, but I had absolutely no recollection of drawing it and couldn’t make head or tail of it. Was it meant to be a needle book? It vaguely looked like two square pages with the shuttle stitch (whatever that was) as the hinge/spine. Then I thought the rectangles surrounding each of the squares on three sides looked like they might be Kloster blocks – but they were marked “g” or possible “9”, not “K”.

A mysterious scribble What is shuttle stitch?

I still can’t remember when or why I drew it, but after some more observation and interpretation I think it represents two cut areas surrounded by Kloster blocks consisting of 9 stitches each, with a woven bar in the middle and a buttonhole arch on either side, with letters to indicate starting points and how to get from one bit of the stitch combination to the next. It is still a mystery to me why I would want to call it shuttle stitch. If anything it looks rather more like a belt buckle. Or is shuttle stitch an existing stitch and did I copy it from somewhere? If you recognise it from a book or a project, I’d be delighted to know!

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  1. Several years ago a friend of mine came across shuttle stitch and could not find directions for it. I did some research asked questions in my online group and finally decided that it was actually Up-and-Down Buttonhole stitch. We thought it was called “shuttle stitch” because it looks like a stitch in tatting. Here is a tutorial for Up-and-Down Buttonhole from Sharon B’s stitch dictionary; http://pintangle.com/2012/07/10/take-a-stitch-tuesday-week-28-2/

  2. That’s interesting Susan, I didn’t know up-and-down buttonhole stitch was also known as shuttle stitch. It’s a lovely stitch, just that little bit different, but I do have to concentrate really well when stitching it! I used it in Round in Circles 5 (http://www.mabelfigworthy.co.uk/circles5.php) but I’m not sure it’s what I had in mind when I produced this particular scribble – it would be difficult to produce it in a loose arch as in the drawing I think.

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