I’ve got a lap cat!

One of the most important criteria for any needlework stand is, of course, whether it will accommodate a cat. I didn’t have our resident feline with me when trying out the Aristo, but fortunately it turns out that it is exactly the right height for Lexi to drape herself across the bottom part while leaving room for my hands to manoeuvre underneath my stitching. Just. Well, that’s a relief – I might have had to send it back!

The Aristo lap stand, with cat

One comment on “I’ve got a lap cat!

  1. I enjoy your blog but don’t often comment, and probably should (shame on me!). I do enjoy reading what you’re up to in stitching, however when I saw this post thought I just had to let you know how cut I thought this was. I agree with you, this has to be one of the top considerations when looking for a stand! So glad this worked and you don’t have to send it back!

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