Introducing the 2016 SAL

Remember the Song of the Weather SAL, way back in 2013? If not, have a look at the SAL Gallery and enjoy the wonderful ways in which lots of stitchers interpreted the monthly projects.

Nearly 200 stitchers around the world joined the Stitch-Along, which surprised no-one more than me smiley! And with the reactions all so enthusiastic, it seemed inevitable that there should be another one. In a bout of intense and completely misplaced optimism I thought I could get the second Mabel’s Fancies SAL organised for 2015. Not a chance.

What I did do was gather together a sizeable collection of sketches, notes, ideas, and scraps of fabric with stitch samples (some more successful than others). And at last that collection is big enough and organised enough to base a 12-month project on.

So today I am proud to announce *drumroll…*

The 2016 SAL

The 2016 Mabel’s Fancies Stitch-Along Round in Circles – 12 monthly projects of what you might call Hardanger Plus: Hardanger plus various surface stitches and embellishments, and a little ribbon work as well. And perhaps even a little optional goldwork…?

You can’t actually join yet, but on the SAL page you’ll find more information about the SAL itself and when various things will be happening, like the publication of the materials list. And before you know it, it’ll be January and we can start stitching and filling the new SAL Gallery!

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