Not a proper FoF today (although I am working on one about the goldwork class I attended recently) but just a few photographs. Firstly, two showing the Tamar threads in a more relevant way – I realised that showing them in isolation yesterday wasn’t really very helpful. So here is the blue/green/purple shade (both light and dark) with the DMC colours used in Sunken Treasures, and the yellow/peach shade with DD Jaffa and one of the DMC Variations. As you can see the DMC is actually an almost perfect match, but unlike Anchor, DMC unfortunately produce their variegated perles in #5 only.

Tamar replacement for DD Daydream with DMC threads Tamar and DMC replacements for DD Jaffa

Reading yesterday’s FoF, my husband wondered why I had bothered to post the last picture (of Orpheus out of its hoop) as the most interesting bit was blurred. I explained that the picture was meant to illustrate the severe creasing flexi-hoops can cause, but on second thoughts I do agree that it’s a bit mean not to show anything of the work in progress. So to make up for it, here is a snippet of Orpheus.

A snippet of Orpheus

And finally a sneak preview of the goldwork FoF – this is part of the project I worked on last Saturday. Can you guess what it is?

A peek at my goldwork project

Going through my pictures of the Royal School of Needlework mini workshops I attended at various Knitting & Stitching Shows, I noticed that one of them is a little goldwork bee which I don’t think I ever finished. Must see if I can find it!

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