A distracting variation

The Floral Lace series is nearly finished. Only one more model to stitch to complete the dozen-and-a-half. At least one person is waiting for number 18 in order to plan a Floral Lace afghan. So why, after stitching the other 17 in relatively quick succession without anything in between except the November and December speciality SAL versions, did I decide to stitch a variation first?

It was not something I’d only just come up with, this variation. I charted it, with its tightly pulled Algerian eyes instead of four-sided stitch, some time ago; in fact, back when Floral Lace consisted of only three or four designs. At first it was meant simply as a slightly different take on the designs for my own use, but then as the series grew I thought it would be a nice bonus for people buying the whole series. And that meant it would be nice to have a stitched model of it.

Logically I would have left it until after finishing 9b (Holly); but I finished 9a (Thistle) while visiting family in the Netherlands, just before we were leaving for home. I wanted to start a new project, but A) not too complicated and B) something where it didn’t matter too much if I made a mistake – after all, some of the stitching might be done on the ferry, and the crossing was predicted to be a choppy one. The Variation, planned on 22ct Hardanger instead of 25ct Lugana, using one of the simpler floral motifs, and meant only as an illustration, not a Proper Model, fitted the bill perfectly. As it happens I didn’t stitch on the boat at all, but by that time I’d started it so I thought I’d better finish it.

So here it is, with a diamond of round pulled holes instead of square four-sided stitches. It’s a surprisingly different look, quite lacy, and I’ll definitely use it again!

Floral Lace variation

The bonus chart pack with stitch diagrams and descriptions for working the designs using Algerian eye stitch or eight-armed eyelets is now finished, complete with picture of stitched model. And an additional stitch diagram for Rhodes stitch. After all, that too occupies a square the same size as four-sided stitch, and it offers a completely different texture again, like in the Floral Tiles borders. I don’t think I’ll be doing a stitched model for that one any time soon though; I’ll leave it to stitchers’ imagination for the time being, and get Holly finished at last!

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