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For the past week I’ve been lying in wait for the postwoman, eagerly snatching the bundle of letter and parcels from her hand (not forgetting to say “thank you”, of course) only to find lots of Christmas cards, the odd bill, and parcels that turned out to be for my husband and contain bits of vintage car. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas cards and I have nothing against bits of vintage car, but I was waiting for my parcel from Tamar Embroideries! Today it finally arrived, and even unwrapping it was a pleasure, because out of the outer envelope fell this:

My parcel from Tamar Embroideries

The thread holding the parcel together appears to be chenille, a lovely tactile thread which I can’t find on their site. I will email them about it as I think it may have possibilities …

Having carefully undone the knot (you don’t want to rush these things – pretty parcels with the promise of even prettier contents are to be savoured) I got my first look and possibly even more important, my first feel of these new threads. First impression: they are beautiful! Gorgeous colours, and very interesting to see how differently the various threads have taken the dye. And a great variety of textures and thicknesses, including an intriguing-looking “ribbon”; I’m going to enjoy playing with these!

a selection of Tamar Embroideries threads

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