The Tree of Life SAL sign-up is open!

If you’re on Facebook at all you may have seen a quick message I posted about a last-minute changes to a one of the leaves on the SAL Tree of Life. It’s a shame I can’t show you how it turned out (that would rather spoil the Mystery bit of the SAL…) but I’m really excited about it!

Oh well, all right then, a teeny weeny sneak peek – can you guess which version it is smiley?

Sneak peek

If that has whetted your appetite you’ll be pleased to hear that sign up for the SAL is now open. And it looks like it’s going to be quite an international gathering – already there are subscribers from seven different countries!

Mabel's 2020 Freestyle SAL

PS For various reasons (most of them to do with the fact that I am a one-woman band, albeit with a very supportive husband) the SAL-joining process is not automated – I send out every welcome email individually as and when I get a notification that someone has signed up. So if I happen to be out doing the weekly grocery shop when you sign up (or asleep, if we’re in different time zones), it may be a few hours before you get a reply; but I’ll do my best to send out all welcome emails as soon as possible.

4 comments on “The Tree of Life SAL sign-up is open!

  1. It looks a bit blingy to me so that gets my vote.
    A question Mabel – as there are two versions I expected there to be 2 signups (signsups – whatever ) – are both versions in one ? If so that’s very generous of you. Still a couple of threads to get then I will have needle poised at the ready. Meanwhile filling in with some hardanger baubles for my friends’ Christmas tree.

  2. Yup, definitely bling 🙂
    The two versions use an identical design for transfer, the difference is in the materials and some of the stitches and techniques, so yes they are both part of the whole SAL package. Most of the parts come in a couple of variations anyway, and they are all described in each chart pack, so in theory you could do several trees, all different, from this one SAL.

  3. Thank you Mabel – I was thinking perhaps a small forest and depending on the wording that the tree design would be suitable for Baptism gifts maybe.

  4. It would be quite a labour-intensive gift – unlike many of my designs it wouldn’t do for a card! But as a framed piece to commemorate the occasion, yes, that would be lovely. Did you have a verse in mind?

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