Golden (and silver, and copper) temptation

Ah, ’tis cruel, ’tis cruel. My dear sister-in-law, who allowed me to have an order of Alison Cole goldwork materials sent to her address in Australia to save on postage, brought the parcel back with her last week. My original plan was for her to leave it at her parents’, where I would then pick it up at our next visit in late May. My second plan was to pick it up from her at her daughter’s wedding, which would be a week or so earlier. Both these plans would definitely exercise my patience, and be a good character-building opportunity. And then she goes and sends the parcel to me – in the middle of a working week and just when I am in the throes of getting some designs ready for publication! It’s not that I don’t appreciate it; I do, greatly. But imagine receiving this and not being able to unwrap every little bit of tissue paper, lovingly decant the sparkly contents into acid-free envelopes and mark them and organise them and play with them.

An order of goldwork materials

Oh all right, just the one then!

The copper bright check unwrapped

By the way, this was in the parcel as well, bought from the Embroidery Den with a voucher I got for Christmas from my two step-sons: two shades of Colour Streams Exotic Lights and Ophir. Aren’t they silky and beautiful?

Some lovely Colour Streams silks

2 comments on “Golden (and silver, and copper) temptation

  1. This all looks utterly and totally exciting! Oh, and many happy returns (since it is 1 April: why do I think this date is auspicious for you and your crafting? Who knows.).

    Also, re Mary Corbet’s blog, the place I found the freezer paper sheets is ; a roll of the stuff is available very cheaply on Amazon, but I suspect it’d be a pain to work with unless you were cutting it up for kits. Also there seems to be a wash and rinse to buy to set and protect the ink on the fabric, but not sure why an embroider would be interested.

    All that’s your birthday present, I guess, plus usual greetings on CSF.

  2. Thanks Serinde – as it’s Easter this weekend I hope I’ll have time to play with my goodies, as well as getting some stitching done. At least I’ve managed to send everything off to Stitch magazine before the deadline!

    I’d never heard of the paper Mary Corbet used, either by the name she used or as freezer paper, so an educational day :-). Not sure I would use it much, but I’m always interested in finding new ways of transferring designs.

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