White on white

Last month Serinde commented on my Stitching in the Netherlands post saying she’d like to stitch some Mabel designs in traditional white on white. Serinde is at least partly responsible for the existence of Mabel’s Fancies as she greatly encouraged me when I started doing Hardanger, so I take note of what she says! And so, instead of working on planned projects as I ought to, I stitched Song of the Weather February in white on white. What do you think, Serinde, does it work?

February in white on white

2 comments on “White on white

  1. Thank you to Serinde for encouraging Mabel else we wouldn’t have all these gorgeous designs not to mention the Song of the Weather SAL.

    I stitched March again just using pale green but with “Emerald” beads instead of the knots for a birthday card. I have to own up that I always thought hardanger was only white on white until I saw your designs. It’s a bit like “blackwork” which I’ve now done in other colours.

  2. Praise from the praiseworthy is praise indeed! I think it looks even more perfect than I anticipated.

    With white on white (or any fabric and thread match) the eye is not distracted by colour (and colour preferences) from the architectural symmetry of the stitches themselves. Also white on white tricks the eye — it’s all in the way the light hits the thread, so shades of pearl and grey magically appear. Adding just enough beading to give it a little bit of jewel quality, but not too much, also throws light around the design. All in all… Very Nice Indeed.

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