The difference colours can make

You may remember I had to order a ball of Anchor perle #8 for my variation-on-a-Guildhouse model (one or two other things may have found their way into my basket at the same time; can’t think how that happened …) It is used for the Rhodes diamonds and should be quite close to the darkest perle #5 shade – what do you think, is it a good match? Below is the pink variation (on dusky pink 28ct Jobelan) side by side with the original model (on antique white 25ct Lugana) to show the difference in size, and because side by side it’s much easier to see the difference that fabric and thread colours make (a more dramatic example is Shades).

Guildhouse 1a, rose-on-rose The original Guildhouse 1a

And just to show that orientation changes the look of a piece as well (something to keep in mind when framing projects), here is the pink version straight and turned 45 degrees.

Guildhouse 1a, as before Guildhouse 1a, turned 45 degrees

After all that I could have gone back to Blackthorn, but instead I’ve been doing some alternative versions of Happy Hour using the very pretty Treenway Silks I bought some time ago but hadn’t used yet. I’m enjoying my little stitching holiday!

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  1. It looks a very good match to me Mabel – all monitors being equal. The 45 degree change completely alters the design, something I’ve been thinking about for Christmas decorations. My stash has some overdyed 28ct Jobelan that I will be trying as well it looks so neat.

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