A Song of the Weather and a speedy stitcher

Happy New Year! Mine started rather nervously at 8am this morning as I was still busily writing the SAL blog, editing the pictures for it and getting everything ready to launch the Song of the Weather Stitch-Along (abbreviated by some to SotW). Yes, the SAL is now live! and on the whole it all seems to work, although some SAL stitchers have contacted me to say they are having trouble downloading the chart pack. I’ll reply to the emails individually, but just in case others run into problems as well, here’s how it works:

  • Go to the SAL blog. When prompted, fill in the password you were sent in your Welcome email.
  • Click on the link for January (just above the Comments)
  • At the top of the January page it says “Download the January chart pack”. Click on the word January to start the download process.
  • You will now be asked for a Username and a Month Code. Your username is the one sent to you in your Welcome email (so NOT the one you chose to register with Flights of Fancy, if that is different). The Month Code is in the email sent to you this morning.
  • Click on Enter. The download should now begin. If you continue to have problems, email me and if all else fails I will send you the chart pack by email.

Fortunately it seems to work for most people, and one stitcher got so carried away that she finished the whole design in one sitting! Take a bow, Amanda – your version of SotW-January is the first to join Mabel’s stitched model in the SAL gallery.

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