The Stitch-Along is moving along!

Materials List for the Hardanger Stitch-Along

Yes, I made the deadline! With the indispensible support of my husband I managed to get all twelve models stitched, putting in the last stitch at 10.50pm on 31st October. Plenty of time smiley. The Materials List is now up on the website, available to read online or to download in PDF format, so time to start stash shopping at your favourite shops.

If you’re on a budget, or you are of a minimalist frame of mind, you can go for the simplest version, which uses perle #5 and #8 and stranded cotton in three shades, plus one packet of bead and some ribbon. If you like experimenting, the list contains suggestions for silks, hand-dyed threads, metallics and so on – and of course you could go for hand-dyed fabrics as well!

Enjoy getting all the materials together. And if you know of other stitchers who might enjoy the SAL, why not send them the flyer below?

Mabel's Hardanger Stitch-Along

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