Time flies…

First of all a belated Easter blessing to all those who celebrate it; may its good news remain with you throughout the year!

And now it’s Easter Monday, and Mabel’s Fancies’ official 1st Anniversary. Strictly speaking we’ve not quite reached one year yet, as Easter is a moveable feast and last year it was particularly late. But I like the idea of an Easter Monday anniversary, the first day after the new beginning of Easter. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to claim some sort of theological significance for Mabel’s Fancies smiley, but it was definitely a new venture for me, and I’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support over the past year.

Speaking of which, remember the sketch with the doodles for new designs? One of them was a peacock seen from the front. The idea was to have a "companion piece" to the little peacock in profile which I designed for use on silk gauze, but which can be stitched on other fabrics as well (one on black Hardanger can be seen in the Gallery).

Mabel's sketchbook

Well, I had a bit of a play with that sketch over the weekend, and here, as a little thank you, is the new peacock freebie. Enjoy!


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