From theme or technique to name

Some of the least transparent names, at first sight, are probably Lviv, Odessa and Orpheus (the last one as yet unstitched). Two of the three become clear immediately when you realise that the techniques used in the designs were inspired by Ukrainian whitework – Lviv and Odessa are cities in Ukraine. But where does Orpheus come into it?


Well, some years ago my husband and I saw a programme about the 2006 International Church Music Festival. Choirs from around the world (mostly Britain and America, but also South Africa, Slovenia and many other countries) came together to sing God’s praise. One group of eight men singing close harmony was our absolute favourite; the sound they produced was just incredible! We then found that the next ICMF would be in 2008, and practically next door to us. We both love singing, so we signed up, and that group of eight men was there as well. We went to several church services and concerts where they sang; on one occasion one of the baritones sang a romantic solo and chose me to waltz round the church with. Quite an experience!

And what does this have to do with a stitching design? They are from Ukraine, and their group’s name is Orpheus. Simples!

Of the two designs Berrington Hall (I) and Berrington Hall (II), one is an impostor. My husband and I visited Berrington Hall, a National Trust property, and admired (among many other things) the beautiful Georgian ceilings. When we got home, he suggested that I could base one or more designs on them. I chose two colour combinations which remind me particularly of Georgian interiors, pale blue/white/gold and sage green/cream/gold, and having looked at a great many pictures of Georgian ceilings, sketched the basic outlines for two designs. It wasn’t until I’d charted them both and decided to call them both Berrington Hall that I realised the first one was actually nothing like any of the ceilings in the real Berrington Hall. I’d got rather fond of the name, though. And the style was still very much the same as the Berrington ceilings. And so far no-one has written to me in a high dudgeon (lovely word) to complain about it. So Berrington Hall they both remain.

Berrington 1 Berrington 2

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