Spices & Shades

I’ve rearranged some shades, a new brown is on its way from Sew & So and all is well – Spice Islands is ready to roll!

But first there is Shades. This was planned for March, but I needed something not too challenging after all the commotion about Spice Islands. It’s a nice relaxing design, and the perfect project for the next few days while the house is in turmoil as the windows at the back of the house are being replaced. I can only hope that I can defrost my fingers enough to hold a needle in the evenings.

The window upheaval is not the only reason for sticking with Shades though; it shows off the texture of the perle cottons rather nicely and I am thoroughly enjoying stitching it, even though I realised half way through that I had charted the double cable stitch incorrectly …

Never mind, it’s been recharted and I’ve now got fabric and threads together for a second version after finishing the first, to show the difference a colour choice can make. The first is rose pinks on antique white – the original colours I chose for it – the second uses light beige-browns (from the series of browns that wasn’t right for Spice Islands) on dark brown fabric. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out!


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